A key strategy in achieving quality learning lies in the recruitment of qualified teachers, highly motivated to ensure learning outcomes are met even under difficult circumstances different from their own learning experiences. Determined to improve the quality of education for our students, we fell in luck when alumnae Whinell Shasha agreed to return to her alma mater to give back by joining our faculty.

Mrs. Shasha graduated from our department – then Department of Mass Communication – in 2017. In a culture where fewer women aspire for graduate education, Whinell decided she would not settle for mediocrity. She received a scholarship offer from one of Europe’s leading universities, Tilburg University (TiU) in The Netherlands. There she pursued master of science in Communication and Information Sciences, with specialization in Business Communication and Digital Sciences. Whinell completed her studies in June 2021 and immediately returned home.

Whinell’s presence on our team and in the classroom has some strategic significance. First, she becomes the only female faculty among many males. This may inspire confidence in other females to take on  a role (i.e., teaching) mostly dominated by males. Second, her presence in the classroom will inspire younger females to also aim for heights long thought to be achievable only by males. Third, she has the cognitive power, innovative ability, and the physical energies needed to cope with the growing changes – including the use of technologies to meet learning goals – taking place at the University of Liberia.

Welcome Whinell!!