As we strengthen our commitment to train and produce new generation of Liberian journalists, trained enough to face and cope with emerging trends that continue to challenge and (re)define journalism, we never stop exploring and tapping into partnerships that can help us achieve this herculean task. Internews, a media development organization supported by USAID Media Activity, is a strong partner that continues to support our effort. Recently, the group recruited 14 of our students to participate in a three-month Senior Journalism Fellowship. Along with students from other journalism schools, the training was aimed at enhancing the skills of emerging journalists. Using seminars facilitated by leading Liberian journalists, students received training in Digital Journalism, Investigative Journalism, and News Gathering and Writing. Complementarily, students were assigned at top media institutions (i.e., radio, television, and newspaper) where they received hands-on training in content gathering, news writing and reporting as well as news production.

Grace Moleayeze making remarks at the closing ceremony

In testimonials posted to their respective social media pages, Caroline Garnett who encouraged her peers to keep exploring, she concluded “it was an eye opening experience for me…I actually had a great learning curve and it was quite a joyous moment for me”. Grace Moleayeze posted “being a part of this fellowship has immensely contributed to my career growth and I’m grateful”. On her social media page, Naomi Konneh briefly wrote that the activity “contributed immensely to my personal growth and development. Finally, Alpha Bah – in a note addressed to the Department of Communication and Media Studies – described the experience as, “the most motivational and rewarding involvements I have had as a student at the University of Liberia”, concluding that it supports his growth as a young journalist. Bah went further to say “the application of time management, discipline and consistent supervision has helped my professional skills improve greatly”. For

Naomi Konneh receives certificate from Press Union of Liberia VP, Daniel Nyankonah

As we continue to find it difficult to meet the complete learning needs of our students due to logistical (e.g., hands-on tools, equipment, book resources, etc.) and infrastructure (e.g., internet, equipped study spaces) challenges, these partnership opportunities are dear to us as they assist in complementing our work. Thanks to Internews, USAID, and the Press Union of Liberia. Congratulations to our students!