Since our establishment, we have graduated over 1000 students trained in print and broadcast journalism. Most of these have since moved on. But where exactly are these graduates today, and how are they faring in life. Have they earned advanced degrees, if so, in what areas? What is the extent of their contribution to their employer firms, and how effective are they? can they say, based on their real-world experiences, that they were adequately prepared in their bachelor studies? To answer these questions and more, we have launched our ‘Alumni Feedback Survey’ targeting graduates from our program. The survey, presented in two versions (online and paper), is intended to answer key questions that will overall help us measure the extent to which we are achieving our program goals as reflected in our mission. For example, in the survey we ask whether an alumnus has earned a graduate or professional since graduating from our department, whether he/she feels they were adequately prepared for graduate studies or work based on their post-graduation experiences, how connected he/she feels to the Mass Communication Department, etc.

Responses from the survey have provided valuable insights into the level of strength of our program and what needs to be done to make improvements. Additionally, we now know what can be done to get our alumni to form strong bonds with us, and can now build an up-to-date alumni database that will help us to remain connected with our valued ambassadors.