By: Robert Junior Serge Saint-Pé (student contributor)

Mohamed Sesay (Magna Cum Laude)
Sharpe (left) – magna cum-laude and Bah (right) – cum-laude

In December 2019, the University of Liberia graduated its golden class during its 100th graduation ceremony or “Centennial Graduation”. The “Golden Class” produced the largest number of graduates in the history of the University with a total of 3,660 graduates.

Among the graduates, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (Liberia College) produced 669 graduates, and from that number, 67 well polished new ambassadors from the Mass Communication Department.

Lawrence Represent Bah, George Yonbior Sharpe, and Mohamed Sesay of LUX-IN-TENBRIS Honors Program (now LUX-IN-TENBRIS Honors College) all graduated cum-laude, magna cum-laude, magna cum-laude respectively from the Mass Communication Department.

Another milestone in fulfillment of our mission to prepare the next generation of competent and competitive communication and media professionals.