The J. P. Hicks Family Mass Communication Scholarship based in the US. gave scholarship to Moses Kpakolo, Forgbe Kloh. Grace Moleyeaze, Daniel Sirleaf, and Alfred Dee of the Mass Communication Department. They received the scholarship on the basis of their academic achievements, exceptional talents within the discipline and a commitment to contribute to quality journalism in Liberia. Except for Grace and Forgbe, Moses, Alfred, and Daniel are expected to graduate from the University of Liberia in January 2021. The five are among the brightest students in the Department of Mass Communication.

The J. P. Hicks Family Mass Communication Scholarship was established in 2010 by the family of Jonathan P. Hicks, a longtime journalist and writer to provide support for students who are juniors or seniors at the University of Liberia who are interested in mass communications, either in print, broadcast or online publications.

Dr. Josephus M. Gray (Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities) presents certificate to Forgbe Kloh

Jonathan’s family lived in Monrovia while his father, John Henry Hicks, a former journalist and former United States
diplomat, served at the American Embassy in Liberia. While in Liberia in 2009, he provided guest lectures in
the Mass Communications Department at the University of Liberia. It was during this time, after meeting so many talented and committed students who had few resources, that he decided he would help students,through scholarships and mentoring opportunities, who would become the country’s next generation of journalists.

The scholarship has provided support for over twenty (20) students some of whom have graduated and making outstanding professional contributions to journalism in Liberia.

The scholarship covers college fees, housing, and books for a period of up to four semesters at the University of Liberia. It also provides for online, one-on-one mentorship with professional journalists and allowance for Internet usage.