Believing that learning is motivated by the need to identify and address societal needs; the pursuit of wisdom and understanding, and self-advancement; and that an educated society is a catalyst for national development and advancement, we believe that the learning environment should be characterized excellence, high professional standards, and integrity.


  • Provide undergraduate degree education in contemporary communication and media studies combined with hands-on professional experience.
  • Provide students with the relevant knowledge and skills to become highly trained communication and media experts.
  • Educate students about the critical role of the media in building a democratic and pluralistic society.
  • Prepare students for careers in communication, journalism, advanced studies and other professional opportunities in a fast-changing media and technology environment.
  • Contribute to knowledge in journalism and communication through research and scholarship as well as creative and professional activity.


Become a school of communication and media studies to be the leading reservoir of professionals and specialists in the field of communication and media.